Monday, 24 November 2008


I got nothing. Well, I mean I have lots of stuff but my thoughts are so scattered at the moment that when I do think of something that could be interesting to write, I forget it almost instantly. So in the past week, I’ve wanted to write about 1) the Association Premiers Pas (ie the nanny network) in Lille and how wonderful they are with the activities they organize for the kids, 2) why Thanksgiving is so important to me since I’m an eternal foreigner, 3) 6 things about me that Beth tagged me for, 4) the award Beth bestowed on me, 5) the fact that Leon is still holding on and seems to have a real will to live, 6) the fact that reading Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats on natural pet care and how bad dry food is for animals and Omnivore’s Dilemma about how the government makes an overproduction of corn which in turn forces the food industry to engineer food using corn and corn by-products which also makes the corn producers reliant on the oil industry because they use petroleum products as fertilizer, etc simultaneously is making me want to become an organic vegan and go live in the countryside while growing all my own food and drinking nothing but my own urine.

But, as I said, my mind is cluttered with work, travel, house (it’s been months since I’ve even mentioned the chantier!) and trying to get enough sleep and stay sane at the same time. So I will try to be more present when this week ends (another 3 day trip to Luxembourg!) and I have gotten some much needed sleep.

(And what's up with the font?! Geez.)


Elisabeth said...

The Omnivore's Dilemna is a wonderful book. I love Michael Polan, who, on October 12, 2008, wrote a great editorial titled "Farmer in Chief" (addressed to the future President-Elect" and giving him advice on agricultural policy) in the New York Times.

Hope you survive everything!

Leah said...

Glad to hear Leon's doing better. You know, the vet once suggested putting my dog to sleep when she started having major problems with arthritis and we really had to consider it. But, then all of a sudden, she just got a lot better and went on to live a good amount of time(with a little help from accupuncture!) So, you never know!!

Beth said...

I'm glad Leon is hanging in there!

And I'd love to know more about what I SHOULD be feeding our cats. I had no clue dry food was bad for them!!! What's the book say?

Papadesdeux said...

I totally get the urge about becoming an organic vegan (I haven't been able to buy chicken or eggs since I picked up the brochures at the SPCA stand) but I get a block about drinking nothing but my own urine. I don't know what it is. Maybe it is all this pee pee, ca ca, and body part language that the twins have been stuck on since they started pre-school. I'm becoming a bodily function prude. Enough is enough.

Reb said...

oh boy. Did I seem positive about Leon? no no no. He's still dying, just still not dead...poor little guy is skinny but still eating and coming 'round for occasional cuddles. I'm still on feline death watch since it's only a matter of time...thanks for the hopeful messages though!

Beth, I really recommend this book for your animals. Kibble is nasty nasty stuff...especially the stuff they sell at the vet's.

Elisabeth, thanks for the title of the letter Pollan wrote. Very intersting and very you think Obama can do it all?!

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