Monday, 13 October 2008

The relative chantier

But what about the chantier? I know, I can hear all of my loyal readers (hi Bryony) asking about our chantier, I mean house.

Since my last up date we've done...nothing. Oh wait, that would be a lie because we have done some stuff but it feels like we've done nothing because we still have boxes, dust and too little storage space so junk is accumulating dust on top of the furniture we do have.

What we haven't done :

  1. gotten cupboards for the kitchen (so my pantry is still a cardboard box)
  2. sanded/stripped the stairs
  3. finished oiling the bedroom landing
  4. finished the grout in the bathroom
  5. fixed the joint in the shower
  6. put a second coat of paint on the windows
  7. put the door on the guest/junk room
  8. done any work in the guest/junk room
What we have done:
  1. painted the garage floor to avoid tracking dust upstairs (one coat only)
  2. changed the front door lock so we can now use the front door instead of the garage
  3. replaced the pane of glass in the back door so we can keep out the cold
  4. put in door handles
  5. paid the roofer for the job he finished a year ago...
Um, so yeah. Progress is all relative, right? So maybe my idea of a chantier is all relative as well.

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