Thursday, 16 October 2008


Begin rant

Leon is still at the hospital, dying as far as I know, because the vet is a stupid asshole and doesn't communicate well. I really despise specialized people who think they are better than you because they are...specialists, whether they are computer, medical or culinary specialists. They still suck. Dr. Neuneuche, as Jerome's calling him (which is a play on words for someone who is stupid), no bedside manner (do vets have that?) and is a total prick.

We are waiting for the results of Leon's biopsy at the moment. But since his operation on Monday, he's been at the vet's doped up on morphine and fed through a tube. Jerome called the regular vet while I was on business in Copenhagen to get the opinion of someone we trust and like. Isn't this making Leon suffer more? He confirmed that we should wait for results because it may be treatable...

I called the surgeon and yelled at the assistant, something I never do. "My cat's dying for fuck sake (not in the original). I want him home!". She confirmed he wasn't dying to which I replied, "well yeah he is. He's got intestinal cancer!" But still, we have to plan around the asshole vet's schedule.

What's terrible is that tonight, at 6.30, when I pick up my Leon he won't be the same as the Leon who was purring and running around on Sunday, despite the vomiting he had. He'll be a shell of himself, wrapped up in gauze and wearing one of those collars. And his fat, furry belly will be bald and scarred.

And then, how do you tell your 2 and a half year old that her cat (her mom's cat actually) is dying? This morning when she asked, "where'd Leon go?" I replied that he went on a trip. By plane. to see Tonton Bo (Suz's godless father) in China. So what do I tell her when he's back in a different state...and then eventually leaves again since I'm not really counting on radiation or chemo as a treatment for my cat?

But still, the vet's an ass.

End of rant


NewWrldYankee said...

We're hear to listen, so rant away. I understand your frustration, but don't give up on Leon so soon. That type of cancer is treatable - depending on how far along he is. Don't count him out yet. As far as how to explain how different Leon is when he gets back, I am not sure.

wcs said...

That really sucks. Both the idiot vet and poor Leon's health.

Wishing you the best.

Elisabeth said...

I do feel for you and Leon. Be assured that you are in my thoughts.

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