Friday, 5 September 2008

The Braderie 2008

A sample of what the braderie brings for the Reb household. I'll try to get some pictures of the aftermath.


Elisabeth said...

Did you run the semi-marathon?!!?

My only qualm about being a university professor is that I'll never experience another Braderie de Lille until I finally managed to spend a sabbatical year in northern France (and this will not happen until about five years from now.)

When I was between 10 and 16, my parents owned a shop in which they sold fish/seafood and also poultry (and, later on fruits and vegetables.) Around the Braderie weekend, they sold tons and tons of mussels. And, of course, we always had moules-frites!

Reb said...

Elisabeth, I did run. And 2 minutes faster than last year which is odd since I have been drinking too much. I ran with a group against cancer.

You are always welcome to mussels and fries at our place - the Braderie isn't what it used to be though so I don't think you're missing much.

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