Sunday, 31 August 2008

Advantages of my job #*11: Champagne or Orange Juice

International travel just isn't the same as it used to be. But I guess that's a positive thing when, in my mind, I'm reffering to my backpacking days of sleeping in hostels with a lock around my bag to protect my oh so precious belongings. As if anyone wanted to steal my manky running shoes or jar of peanut butter.

Things have definitely changed. As I walked through Frankfurt Airport following signs to the train station, I saw a sign of the times (and culture) if I ever did see one. A "smoke n' go" - a glass booth that couldn't have been taller than 7 feet where people smoke.and.go. They must be effective 'cause the air sure didn't smell. And damn are those Germans respectful of non-smokers unlike their frog eating neighbors...

I spent an annoying 30 minutes on the stupid airport bus getting from my terminal to the train station where no one pushed and everyone was orderly. And then I found helpful, efficient, English speaking people to buy my ticket from.

As I walked around Frankfurt HBF trying to find my hotel- dreading the designy trendy place my coworker booked, disgusted that I won't have time to use the spa because it took so damn long to get here from the airport, I didn't see any dog crap, no litter, not many cigarettes. I'll admit badmouthing the hotel, The Pure, which is just that - pure white and black. Ugh I thought until I got a glass of complentary champagne (or orange juice of course).

So I guess not only have I come a long way from those hostel days, but work isn't that bad...or maybe I'll come back to that statement tomorrow afternoon after the presentation I have to make to a room full of Germans looking for public funding, the day long meeting and then the trip back with no champagne in site.

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