Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Top 10 reasons I haven't posted in 3 weeks

10. My internet connection wasn't working at home.
9. I had a couple of days of team building in Rochehaut, Belgium where we ate extraordinary food, did a wine tasting and went for a beatiful hike. I highly recommend L'Auberge de la Ferme.
8. I was on vacation near the Gorges de l'Aveyron where we had no internet connection.
7. I was too busy going to local markets and partaking in fresh cabecou, magret de canard, duck sausage, apricots, melons and bread from the wonderful markets in St. Antonin Noble Val and Caussade.
6. I was drunk for 2 weeks off rosé from le domaine de Montels in Abias.
5. I was too consumed by A Fine Balance (the best book I've read in years).
4. I was too busy running and biking between Septfonds and St. Cirq.
3. Twice daily aperitifs including ail confit and greek olives took up too much time.
2. I was catching up on much needed sleep every day by the side of the pool.

and the top reason I haven't written

1. Suzanne was potty training.


Elisabeth said...

Glad to see you back!

Sooo... How is the potty training going? To tell you the truth, I have totally blanked out that period of my daughter's life. I just kind of remember vaguely that she was defiant a couple of times about potty training but that, generally speaking, it went pretty well.

Thanks for mentioning A Fine Balance, I believe that I'm going to get myself that book and put it in my reading queue.

Hope it's not too depressing being back in Ch'ti land.

wcs said...

Welcome back. That vacation sounds sooooo good!

Reb said...

Elisabeth, it's a great book. Lille was depressing until the sun came out this morning.

WCS, thanks. Looks like you're having a nice summer too!

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