Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Brown thumb

I've mentioned in the past with the chantier, that I am DIY challenged. This is a seirous illness, espeically when you're married to an architect and, let's admit the obvious, gotten way over your head in house renovation. Example : I was in charge of protecting the white walls around the built in bookcase in the living room. Result: there is steel gray spray paint splattered all along the edge of the bookcase (but not on the floor luckily because that's where Jérôme did the taping).

Well, it also turns out I don't have a green thumb but a brown one. I dreamed of growing srawberries, basil, thyme maybe some tomatos. And I thought that since I didn't kill all of my plants in the apartment, I'd be fine. And to my credit, I even revived a plant that Leon the cat tackled and pulled off the bookcase. So I thought, how different could apartment plants be from outdoor plants?

At least Nature seems to be on my side since there are plants (or are they weeds?) in my garden that I haven't touched and may never lay a finger on if I ever want greenery...

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