Friday, 18 April 2008

D-day Part 1

I've luckily been so busy with work that any free time has been dedictaed to worrying about the little I'm seeing my family rather than the house. Because if I let my mind go, and actually really thought about the fact tha twe have to out of our apartment in exactly a month, I think I'd be in a non-functional state.

My sister just arrived and is staying at the house. For her arrival, we managed to finish Suzanne's room (with a dissapointingly gray finish on the floor), get the sink and shower hooked up (although we're not sure there's hot water) and put the radiators back on the walls (which we had to take off to paint).

Needless to say, I am not reassured when people come visit and say, "it's nice. when do you have to be out of your apartment?"

And what's left to do before we move in you ask?
Sand and oil the floors, finish painting over the imperfections left from the dumb plomber and cheap plasterer, paint the windows, strip and paint the stairs, install the kitchen...and put up the guard rails on the stairs! But that's not even mentioning the non-essentials like the workshop (ie the house is not very insulated since it opens into the garden), the garden, and the extra bedroom/office (which I swear will be done for my parents this summer!)

So yeah, I guess I'd flip out if I really thought about it. But I'd rather not...

Did I mention how nice it's going to be?

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