Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Super Tuesday Confusion

It's Super Tuesday and the global primary is now open. I can cast my ballot for Democrats Abroad until the 12th. this means I have a week to figure out who I'm going for. My Scottish-American collegue has threatened to stop speaking to me if I choose the wrong person. Oh the pressure. It would seem that I am as split as the rest of the Democrats.

And the nice people on the internet have (not) helped me by providing this quiz...

Who should you vote for?

Mike Gravel

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton-15

You expected: Hillary Clinton
Your recommendation: Mike Gravel

Party: Democratic

Born: 1930, Springfield, Massachusetts

Family: Married twice. Two children and four grandchildren

Career: US Army; Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps; taxi driver; barman; brakeman; property developer

Political career: 3rd Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives, 1965-6; US Senator from Alaska 1969-1981. Environment and Public Works and Finance and Interior Committees; chaired the Energy, Water Resources, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees

Hot topic: Fair tax

Did you know? Born to French-Canadian immigrant parents, Marie Bourassa and Alphonse Gravel; Mike spoke only French until he was seven years old

Supported by: Ralph Nader

Who should I vote for for president in 2008?You match up well with...

Barack Obama - 77 match

You must be ambitious and idealistic, like Barack Obama. Obama is a liberal democrat who, unlike his rivals, opposed the Iraq war from the start. With only 3 years in the Senate, his inexperience worries some and sometimes reveals itself in the debates, but he also has the charisma and popular support that the others lack.

Bill Richardson - 77 match

You must be looking for a moderate liberal with impressive credentials. If you live in Iowa or New Hampshire, you could have voted for Bill Richardson. Otherwise, you're out of luck. After finishing 4th in both states, Richardson dropped out of the presidential race.

Experienced in state, national, and international politics, Richardson has been a Congressman, an ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, and is now the governor of New Mexico. He is pro-choice, strongly favors rights for the LGBT population, advocates for affirmative action in government contracts, and even championed the idea that Congress should revoke the original authority it gave to go to war with Iraq. Richardson also supports the death penalty and gun ownership rights.

Chris Dodd - 72 match

Dodd is a liberal democrat who is a well-seasoned policy-maker. He has been in Washington since 1975 as a U.S. Representative and Senator and consistently receives thing between a 95-100% approval rating from Americans for Democratic Action and the National Committee for an Effective Congress. Unlike his Democrat counterparts, he believes that same-sex marriage and civil unions should be an issue left to states and supports free trade agreements. As a legislator, he is known for his work on expanding health care coverage to the uninsured, particularly children.

Take the test.

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Who You Should Vote For

Barack Obama: 73%
Hillary Clinton: 73%
John McCain: 33%
Ron Paul: 33%
Mike Huckabee: 13%
Mitt Romney: 13%

Who you agree with on the war in Iraq: Ron Paul

Who you agree with on the economy: Hillary Clinton, and Mitt Romney

Who you agree with on health care: Hillary Clinton

Who you agree with on taxes: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Who you agree with on abortion: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Who you agree with on gay rights: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

1 comment:

Gin said...

Thanks for the pep-talk. I just want to feel the way I did before work got stupid! I know it will take a while!

By the way, I love your blog and the little insights on living in France. It takes me to another world when life in NY gets a bit dreary.

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