Thursday, 21 February 2008

Grandma takes over...and I get drunk

My mother aka grandma aka mama has been here for just about a week. And in that week, I haven't gotten much sleep since the air mattress and the cats are incompatible. We have thus been splitting time between the rock hard lumpy couch and the floor (I got the floor last night).

It took Suzanne about 5 seconds to warm up to mama as she calls her (obviously she can't pronounce the r which also explains why she calls those green jumpy things that eat flies bogs). My mother remarked on how much Suzanne's changed since Thanksgiving, daily things that I don't notice since, well, I see Suzanne on a daily basis like that she walks like a little person, that she eats by herself and that she communicates. Oh boy does she communicate!

I wasn't sure my mother would understand a lot of Suzanne's babble since it was mostly French, or so I thought. But Suzanne not only is able to make herself totally understood but she also listens and understands everything. My mother brought her to the park while I was at work and she brought along a leash for Suzanne (a baby harness but still) and my mother didn't even need to use it because Suzanne is such a good listener. When I got home, I heard first hand from Suzanne about what will go down in the annals of Suzanne's childhood mythology as "the tunnel incidenct". She pointed to her nose and said "nose. de boy". Apparently, a boy hurt her nose. And she hasn't forgotten because she's repeated it to me every morning since .

Last night, after the semi-regular anglo playdate for which I baked brownies with the Ghiradelli brownie mix my mom brought over, Jerome and I went out for more than an hour. We had dinner at a place we'd never tried called the l'Auberge du temps jadis. I knew from the moment I got a whiff of the pungent, old sweat sock smell of cooked cheese that this was the place for me. We finished a very cheesy meal with a pint (Irish coffee for me) at the Irish pub which has been recently expanded and is oh so comfortable with the lovely fireplace.

I'm at work today, obviously wasting time at the moment, but can't wait to go to the movies tonight. Can you believe it? Two nights out in a single week! I think we've beaten last year's record! And damn do we deserve it since we will need the next 3 months minus 1 day to pack up our things and get into that house of our for our landlord is reading our lettre de preavis as I, that's scary stuff. I think I need another Irish coffee.

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Sarah said...

I hope Suzanne learns lots and lots of English while your mom is visiting and then keeps speaking it with you after she leaves!

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