Sunday, 21 October 2007

The weekend's challenges

My challenge: I will not buy any spices, pad thai sauce, black bean paste, tamarin, or any other Asian spice (with the obvious exception of Fresh lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves or holy basil) until we have moved into our new house. The ban obviously doesn't apply to coconut milk or coconut cream which I need in order to use up the 2 tremendous tubs of green and red curry that have been living in my fridge for about 3 years (is it my fault they are extremely spicy and the French palate is sensitive so I have to add coriander, basil, lemon grass and limes to counterbalance a single spoonful of it?)

I also need to come up with a suitable solution for the dozen bags of dried various varieties of chili peppers I brought back from California last year (Note: adobo is not an answer since I already have 5 cans of it!) as well as the aforementioned cans of chipotles in adobo and jalapenos. So I'm taking suggestions...

Jerome's challenge: My poor husband spent all Saturday in his pyjamas in front of the computer, not even getting up for a bathroom break as far as I saw, trying to find a solution for the Stairway to Hell and he's possibly found something.

But Mom, you may never see our bedroom with your dislike of open stairs. Can I still come for Thanksgiving?!


bibilamalice said...

mmm i would like to know more about this stairway to SUZANNE'S BEDROOM please !!!
how are things? what's the solution? the suspense is KILLING ME!

MadameK. Located in said...

I want to know about the stairway too! Our stairway gets delivered Wednesday. Wish us luck!

Also---what the heck do the french call Lemon Grass? I think I know where to get it, but don't know what its called! I'm always looking for Thai spices!

How did you figure all this stuff out?

Reb said...

bibi, our architect is inept. (PERIOD!). or maybe it's the carpenter. We're not sure. In any case, it looks like we have to change the existing staircase and then the new staircase, rather than continuing in the spiral up to the 3rd/4th floor (depending on whether you're european or american!), it will start on the landing and go up the wall, almost straight.

Madame K, citronelle. I am a foodie so I think the translation of foodstuff is part of my subconscious.

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