Thursday, 18 October 2007

Chantier: lessons in using your child

So, here's where we're at now...

Our bedroom is going to be gorgeous! The weird roof - apparently the neighbors call it the "elevator shaft" - captures the sunlight so beautifully. And there are walls (most of them).

I am proud to say that I was finally able to contribute to the work. Two weekends ago, I insulated an entire room and now know what rockwool irritants are like. And this past weekend, I contributed even more because we finally bought a vacuum for the chantier. I am vacuum/rockwool queen. I actually prefer the rockwool to be honest.

We are still waiting for GDF (gas company) but an acquaintance in the know told us to use our child to get them to work faster since they have to change our 60 year old gas counter and can't come for another 2 months which leaves us mid-December. Apparently, if we call and say we have a small child, they almost have to come soon, espcially since it's winter and in winter, they have to provide you with heat. Isn't that cool? Needless to say, we still haven't given notice on our appartment.

Meanwhile, the search for half decent linoleum for the kitchen floor has been futile. And we have reverted to our original idea of wood. I initially nixed the wood - although I love the idea - because of the cleaning hassle since I will be the main user of the kitchen and the main cleaner too! Since we can't put down slate like I originally wanted because the kitchen is built on an extension which would cause it to crack, we need something that'll move. But after seeing some of the ugliest lino floors ever, I'd rather deal with wood.

So that's it - things are moving ahead slowly. And we will in by New Year's; if not living there, at least for a celebration since I've already missed July 4th and Halloween.


Pardon My French said...

I knew there would be a good reason to have a baby -- great news! We have leverage!

MadameK. Located in said...

All good news!

And yeah, I hear you can use pregnancy and kids to get all kinds of favors in this country.

Gotta love the French.

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