Monday, 18 June 2007

tribulations of a working mother

Some days it's ok and some days it's not. Today is a NOT day. Sometimes I think it's good to be back at work with Suzanne socializing and being active all day. Beside, I'd be clawing my eyes out if I had to stay home all day being domestic. I'd also be totally obsessive compulsive about cleaning.

Sometimes I can philospohize about how lucky we are to have our nanny and that if Suzanne has to be with someone else all day, I'm glad it's someone who loves her and who she loves. And some days, I'm really horribly jealous of the nanny and want to cry when she tells me that Suzanne asks for hugs or Suzanne chased Louis around the table or Suzanne was just so damn adorable all day.

I never imagined I'd be a full time working mother (ok 80% right now but still). And I sure as hell never imagined doing what I'm doing. In my big plan, I was going to teach and have afternoons and summers to spend with my kids. But NO, I had to go and meet a FRENCH guy and live in FRANCE where I despise the school system. Even if I bitch and moan about it, me job is great. And I'm lucky that my little American self found such a job in France with a degree in Religion and absolutely no knowledge of accounting or the inner workings of Europe. It's a dream someone else's dream.

So if I must philosophize, what I'll say is this: I don't bring my work home with me and I can organize my days so I can get home early. I can take a day off a week and I only have a 10 minute commute by bike. Or if that's not convincing enough, I could still be teaching English at Berlitz where I was not only paid slave wages but was given no choice of hours and my boss was a bitch on wheels. At least the bitch on wheels at my current job is my equal and I could tell her to shove it if I had the guts.

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Deb said...

Yeah, you got a great job! And you are really lucky to have been able to find one (or should I say 2?!).

When I first came to France I tried to find a job. I had this huge chip on my shoulder. I thought, "I'm American, or course they'll hire me! Of course I'll get a job, even if I don't speak French!". But to my surprise, no one hired me!

I'm a lot more humble nowadays!

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