Tuesday, 12 June 2007

10 reasons why I secretly love France

I was recently reminded (thanks wcs) that I do really like France. To prove it (to myself mostly) I've decided to make a list of things I like:

  1. baguettes - the good ones with thick chewy crust and a smooshy center, but not too smooshy. and just a touch of sour dough.
  2. cheese - hundreds and hundreds of dirty feet smelling cheeses that have uncontrolled amounts of bacteria
  3. my Carte Vitale - my social security card they pop in the machine at the pharmacy and my expensive migraine medicine is free!
  4. universities - I may not like the school system here, or the way they learn, but there's a lot to be said for affordable university education and not having to spend 10 years paying off your college loans.
  5. the language - it's beautiful, rich and difficult. They also have really funny facial expressions when they speak and wrinkles around their lips from all those labial sounds.
  6. the French - come on, they are cold, agressive, self-centered and always late. But their self-righteousness makes me laugh (sometimes).
  7. job security - unless you do something seriously wrong, your boss would have to pay you to leave!
  8. couscous - not exactly French cuisine, but might as well be. Give me a couscous with grilled lamb and meatballs any day!
  9. Carrefour - although the French imagine all American supermarkets to be like their hypermarchés, they pale in comparison. There is nothing like Carrefour! And their baguettes are pretty good too.
  10. My family - of course they are the main reason I love France. I'll even include my step-monster-in-law in this one. She's not so bad, just very French (see number 6).


Jennifer said...

That's a great list - those are definitely all good things about France!

Deb said...

Nice job Reb. Makes me appreciate living here too! =o)

wcs said...

See. I knew it. ;)

Papadesdeux said...

OK, feel more reasonable, now, can we go back to bitching about everything else?

reb said...

come on papa d', I'm trying to be positive here!

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