Saturday, 28 April 2007

A year ago today...

In an email to a friend back home, I wrote "I've had enough ... I'm gonna go full term and this is gonna be a big baby (3.5kg so about 7.5 lbs). It's gonna hurt like hell coming out and it's gonna rip me open :(
My accupunter says to speak to the baby and tell her she needs to come out cause otherwise they're gonna force her out and it'll be bad for mom and her. I'm trying!
I did my cooking and freezing before my sister came. We have a stocked freezer - enough to last us a couple weeks. I'd make more but we don't have any space left and our oven isn't working :(

I actually feel fine, except for the numb fingers and occasional droplet of pee that leaks out! I just want her out now. I was convinced she'd come this week but maybe not... Here, they induce after a few days over term and I really don't want that!"

1 comment:

Deb said...

Very cute picture! Looking back, it's better than anything you could have possibly imagined right?! ;o)

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