Thursday, 29 March 2007

how to recrute a babysitter

Go running in the park!

Yesterday morning, after my orthoptist appointment (fully paid for by French social security by the way!), I went for a run. I saw a trio of American looking students on the path ahead of me and I harrassed them. I told them I knew it was a strange question but would any of them be interested in babysitting this Friday.

Not only did I feel a strong kinship with these random American students who were doing their junior year abroad, but I felt an even stronger kinship with the random parents who used to come up to me in the Parc Monceau in Paris to see if I wanted to babysit. I used to think those parents were crazy since they didn't know who I was, but helas, I've become one of them and now recognize the importance of having an American babysitter for my little half-American.

Besides, I'm getting desperate here. I need a nice Thai dinner!


Deb said...

I know I am a bit far from Lille, but if you ever need a babysitter....just let me know! ;o)

Ranjani said...

This may be a stupid question...but how could you tell for sure that they were American?

June said...

I am an American who moved to Lille not long ago with my two children (9 and 1 years old) and French-American boyfriend. If you need a babysitter let me know.

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