Thursday, 8 February 2007

why today?

As I was riding my bike to work in the snow this morning amused by how little people here know about dealing with snow, I found inspiration. And well, today is kind of a milestone. I mean, it's my first full day as a French citizen. Well, the first day where I can prove I'm a French citizen since I've actually been French since October 2005 but just didn't know it...Yesterday, I got my French ID card and passport. But the passport had to be sent back because they mispelled my place of birth...maybe they were trying to Frenchify it? Who knows.

I wish I'd started a blog earlier. I have so many things to share and vent about from standing in line all night to get my residence permit, getting sent to the US Embassy in Paris by some jacka&&a at the Lille Prefecture only to be told by another jack&& at the Embassy that I needed to get papers from the FBI, getting my French driver's licence, attempting natural childbirth in a quite unfriendly environment and just generally dealing with this strange country I now call home.

So now, the fun begins. This is mostly for selfish purposes (ie to vent on a regular basis to no one in particular) but I hope some other displaced Americans will find some solice in my experiences. Knowing that it's not us, it's definitely them.


Anonymous said...

Displaced americans, displaced brits, displaced idiots... globalisation may get the better of us sometimes, but more and more i'm thinking it's a good thing to be displaced. To have you here is a fun contribution to my own displacedness, makes me want to write about it, read more about it... what do we usually talk about?

Deb said...

Yes, keep blogging!

I can't wait until I get my 10yr carte sejour. Just one more year to go!

I would like to obtain French citizenship as well, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. Still need to learn a lot more French!

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