Thursday, 15 February 2007

post partum hair

You know all that beautiful, shiny, thick hair that doesn't fall out during pregnancy? What no one ever tells you is what happens afterwards.

It's a disaster. From about a month following S's birth, there was so much hair in the drain when I showered (not only when washing my hair, but from all the hair that was stuck on my back, etc) that the water couldn't go down. It was in the sink, stuck to the baby, on the floor, in the litter box! And I thought, oh, it's ok since I didn't lose any for 9 months, I've got tons to spare.

But now, 9 months later, I am starting to see the results of all that hair loss. I have a 1 inch layer of fluff sprouting all over my head, weird bang-like things sticking out in the front that I can't do anything about and frizzy bits in the back that become curly qs when it rains.

So you know, those 9 months of beautiful hair are counterbalanced by 3 years of regrowth. Is it worth it? When new moms suggest that you get your hair cut before the baby comes, they know what they're talking about 'cause what they aren't telling you is that afterwards, not only do you not have time, but you can't do anything with your hair!


Deb said...

I remember you telling me about that. So far, I haven't noticed an increase in hair loss. Then again, it has only been a month since I gave birth.

Maybe I should just chop it all off now! lol

Pardon My French said...

Wait -- that already happened to me. You mean I've got to go through that again? *Sigh* It's okay, though...I'm used to the looks of pity.

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