Monday, 12 February 2007

moo cow mom

Crap. Just got back from my mid-morning pumping session and I am making less and less milk. This is really starting to worry me. Up until a couple weeks ago, I was over producing. I was donating about 4.5 ozs (120 ml) a day to the milk bank. And now, I'm barely making enough to fill the two and a half bottles S needs for the day at the nanny's. What's going on?

Is it lack of sleep? Is it stress from being so worried about not making enough? Is it that she's eating solids? The thing is, that I still need to fill those bottles! I know she drinks a lot more from the bottles than when she's with me - hey, if I had the choice between chugging and sipping, I'd chug too. But damn, it's stressful.

I'm not ready to wean her. And she's not ready to be weaned. Depsite what everyone says, it's not the breast feeding that's making me tired. It's the everything else that's making me tired.

I think I'll call the La Leche League later. I need some support.

More about breast feeding in France later...


Deb said...

I am sooo not one to give advice on this topic! But.... (lol)

Maybe the fact that she is eating solids is a factor in you producing a bit less since you may not be breastfeeding or pumping as often. I am sure you stressing out about it doesn't help either!

So, try not to think the worst and call that La Leche League if you think they can help. I am sure there are a lot of mothers that experience the same thing.

Spaghetti-o said...

Could be but she's really not eating much solids. I mean, the decrease in milk is drastic because she's still drinking 2-3 bottles a day at the nanny's. So I still need to fill them!

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